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This is Bharat and not ‘Hindustan’

Posted On 1 Nov, 2014 Others में

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In 1947, when India got freedom from British yoke, the constitution makers decided to create a ’secular’ nation whereas Pakistan opted to become a theological state, an Islamic one. Nearly 80 percent of the population of the country being Hindu, some rightwing organisations like RSS never liked  the idea of secular India in a Hindu majority India. Nathuram Godse, a RSS man assasinated Mahatma Gandhi because he thought that Gandhji was responsible for “giving” Pakistan to Muslims and also supporting some finance package for that Muslim nation although the fact is that Gandhiji never wanted division of India (See my long article in Hindi titled “Vibhajan ka sach” which appeared in Hindi journal Abhinav Mimansa) . It was a wise decision not to follow Pakistan’s footsteps in this regard. Thus India became a secular nation.

Now that a right wing  party has come into power, there is every possibility that it may strike at the cardinal principle of secularism enshrined in country’s constitution. It’s leaders, including the present Prime Minister, are mostly ex-RSS men who believe in a Hindutva that has nothing to do with the spirit of real Hinduism. Thus there are ominous signs of following RSS ideology in the new government. In the last NDA coalition regime of BJP, its HRD minister tried to tinker with the history taught in text books but could not do much due to coalition. Now that they have majority in Parliament, they have started the process of involving RSS in the course curicullam of history books to be taught in our schools. Lumpen elements like that old fool Dina Nath Batra was part of the meeting held with RSS brass in the presence of HRD Minister Smriti Irani to decide on the content to be included in school books.

These people are bent on inflicting damage to the secular credentials of Indian constitution forgetting that this is a country where there has been a tradition of tolerance and respects for other faiths and culture. In art, music, architecture and literature, it is there for all to see. Most our our meadival  period architecture has mixed imfluence of Hindu (Rajput) and Mughal architecture. All legendary classical singers were Muslims. Even the Hindi that we speak was invented by Amir Khusro. Mia tansen was a sufi (a muslim sect) and how can we forget those saints of this community, who enriched our Bhakti literature and traditions. .At least 3 Presidents of India were Muslims. Our armed forces have many muslim jawans and officers. Under the circumstances, we should not let the evil designs of RSS and VHP to succeed in endangering the secular fabric of our polity. They should be told that this is BHARAT and not the kind of Hindustan that they are trying to make this nation.



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