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Posted On 6 Jan, 2017 में

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Greetings pour like rain drops from all and sundry on first day of Gregorian Calender. The ritual is repeated every year unfailingly. For us,  the MAGIC ANIMALS (called humans)of the planet all these greetings are thought to mean introspection, New Year resolutions and for happier times ahead in the year that started on 1st January. Sadly, nothing of that sort is coming out of these false notions of hope and promises, as long as we continue to look outwards instead of looking inwards on our own ways and means of thinking as an individual.

Things look pink-pretty  in perspective but not in reality. Why?? Simple!! human race has failed to learn from 10 thousand years of its civil or familial existance. Experience of  of a civilised living all these years have not made any impression on the basic instincts of human race arising from its ab-origin existance of past million years. They are as brutal and cruel as they were then. Have seen in 2 world wars as well as in Bangladesh, Rwanda, Syria, Iraq and Somalia etc in recent times.

However, all hope is not lost. Evil is not winning always or everywhere. There are traces of goodness in the silver lining ,  with potential of spreading but not as fast as the evil. We know evil is not going to die since that’s in our DNA.. Both good and evil are two potent forces that play on the human beings like fictional “Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hide“. There will be forced hunger and cruelty. Also killings and genocides in the name of faith or religion. New viral diseases will emerge, that cant be cured with existing treatments. Interplay of order and chaos will continue in 2017 or thereafter. But all this scenario is not going to negate our desire for betterment, goodness and feeling happy by moral means. Thus this quest for happiness in the New Year is consequential to that moral desire.

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