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The Legacy of Mother Teresa

Posted On 3 Sep, 2016 में

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QUOTE:  “yes, I convert. i convert Hindus to become good Hindus, I convert muslims to become good muslims, I convert christians to become

good christians”.  (MOTHER TERESA)

Tomorrow is the day when Mother Teresa will be canonised as a saint at the Vatican, (the highest seat of Roman Catholic religion) in an induction ceremony to become 10th St. Teresa, to be known as “St. Tereasa of Calcutta/Kolkata. It will be a very special, almost an historical event, even within the narrow space of Catholic church, that in  the past. had conferred sainthood to some giants of history e.g. Joan of Arc, who was murdered in the early 15th century but was canonised in early 20th century. In contrast, Mother Teresa is being canonised just 20 years after her passing away.

I had spent my teens and youth in Calcutta(now Kolkata) and am well aquainted of her work since long time back. I have seen the sisters of  Mothers’Mission of charities carrying the old destitutes from calcutta streets and roads. Today thanks to media most people in India and abroad know about her work. The nobel prize conferred on her also helped in creating such awareness about her work for poor, needy, sick and dying humans who had no one to care for them in their dying hours.

It hurts me when some people ( perhaps the hindutva zealots), did not spare even this angel of love and compassion from their scathing criticism. They blamed her for conversions to christianity. In reality she was a messiah, a manifestation of God (if there is any), an epitome of love and compassion. She had unbound/unlimited “karuna” (no better world in english) for the poor, sick and the dying. Hindus forget that God is also called “Daridra Narayan” in Hiduism and I regard her as a true awatar of Daridra narayan. I pay my heartfelt tributes to the great mother Teresa on this ocassion.

- ओपीपारीक43 oppareek43


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