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‘Kamasutra’ – Part-1

Posted On 26 Mar, 2016 में

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Mahrishi Vatsyayan’s  KAMASUTRA  is considered merely as a book on ’sex’ by most Indians and the attitude towards this great work is that of hate or taboo ridden, which is quite erroneous. given the fact that it’s such a brilliant scholarly work for which our countrymen should feel proud of. Incidentally, about 3 years ago, I wrote a blog on this great classic on love and to my utter shock and surprise I got several hatefull comments from readers and one of them even posed a question saying “Don’t You have mothers, sisters and daughters in your family so as to indulge in writing this ‘dirty‘ blog’. Surprisingly, that first part was penned as a prologue about the book that contained nothing about sexual aspects of the book or anything offensive to the sensibility of even a purist. I had planned ten blogs on Kamasutra then in a series but I had to stop abruptly after such outbursts from readers.

In my view, Kamasutra is not merely a book on sex but a handbook on love and the men-women eqation. Only one out of seven books is about the act of sex. There are detailed guidance on physical aspects and sensual charecterstics of men and women, foreplay, relationships, psychology, sexual positions, herbal aphrodisiacs etc. Description of sexual acts is clinical and devoid of any titillation as found in modern day pornography. Sex positions are akin to yoga postures like those enunciated by Baba Ramdev and not capable to be performed by ordinary mortels. It is woefully misunderstood by many as some kind of pornographic description of sex, which it ,definitely, not. Vatsyayana wrote his treatise on love seemingly for “Nagarikas” (the urban elite). It is clearly suggestive of a part of broader and more permissive culture of his times. It’s an illuminating text that partakes the psychological and spiritual aspects of love and sex, This also shows that sex  was very much part of mainstream wealthy urban society of those days.

Kamasutra treats the subject of sex in its totality and not merely the sensual relationship between men and women since it articulates the spiritual and psychological relationships in humans irrespective of gender and class. In 21st century world of internet sex, the Kamasutra shines with its treatment of sex in a brilliantly delicate and thoughtful manner; hence remains an epitome of  wisdom for generations to come. It’s basic tenets will remain relevant for the posterity.

- oppareek43


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ajitkumarajkumar1933 के द्वारा
March 26, 2016

kindly clarify if the name is Vatsayan or Vatsyayan, ajitkumar

    oppareek43 के द्वारा
    March 28, 2016

    The name is Vatsyayana to my knowledge and also used by all authors writing about his work.

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