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Posted On 16 Nov, 2015 Others में

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Looking at middle east, an amalgam of theocratic states, Saudi Arabia happens to be the major sunni state that finances wahabi islam all over the world.. On the other hand Iran represents the shia dominated theocracy. Most of the middleeast is non-secular.. Egypt is the only big nation on this region which subscribes to secular values to an extent but here also the ‘Muslim brotherhood’ party swept the elections held after the public rising called “Arab Spring”. Ironically, Egypt’s mandated mandated President Mohammed Morsi faced persecution at the hands of the Egyptian army. In this complex scenario, advent of al-quaida and taliban (direct or indirect creation of US) created further complications on account of their anti-west (read anti-america) campaigns that also found its compatriots in north africa. Both Al-Quqida and Taliban tried to interpret quranic values in terms of their enemity towards America by waging a holy war which they called Jihad.Secondly they considered all Shiites as infidels (kafirs), so this sect of Islam is also their enemy. Saudis did not hesitate to bomb rebel shia houthis and stop essential supplies meant for the people of Yamen, all that adding fuel to the fires raging in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. All this turmoil contributed to the rise of most devilish organisation of Islamic state (IS) which is busy in creating a 7th century model of orthodox Islam of tribal origins. The two giants of this region viz., Saudi Arabia and Iran have helped this sectarian devide to widen further, making the task of ISIS all the more easier. The IS is trying to tie with Saudis to check Iran and the shia forces backed by the later.
Till now IS hs waged a brutal war marked by hundreds of bombings in Syria and Iraq and most recently downing of a Russian plane and serial bombings in Paris (France) only 3 days ago.It’s clearly taking advantage of shia-sunni rivalry and threatening the west by killing innocents in France.
All this fratricide is helping in strenthening the IS which is already controlling sections of Iraq and Syria including certain oil fileds. They are getting financed from sale of oil and ransom money. Their brutal and ruthless killings of yezdis and other ethnic minorities (whome they brutally murder, rape their women, enslave their children and women) will go as most most heinous violence in the history of 21st century and yet the dont care for world opinion.
This is undoubtedly bringing hate and bad name for Islam, which is otherwise a great religion, in the West as well as countries like India where Islamic groups like LeT indulge in terror attacks on the instance of theocratic state of Pakistan which openly trains and supports these terrorists (Refer former Pak President Musharraf’s recent admission of this fact).
The only mistake that is going to eliminate IS is that in the wake of Paris massacre, it has brought its war of terror at the gates of Europe and the US who are technologically far-far superior in combat against the war machine of IS. After Paris attack even Russia has decided to join anti-IS forces. This united front of US, Europe and Russia is capable of eliminating the last soldier of this devil’s brigade called ISIS and this is going to happen. No doubts about that,
And the day it happens, the downfall of Islam is a certainty as people have already started to hate the followers of Islam (call it ‘Islamophobis’ or whatever, Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar) becoz it is the duty of all Muslims to stop these murderers of humanity or face the ire of citizens of the world.

- oppareek43


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