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Posted On 7 Oct, 2015 Others में

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It goes without saying that India is my home, my country and I love india. It has always been a complex society with myriad religions and diverse culture but lately things are  becoming more complicated due to aggressive stance of religious right in the name of ‘Hindutva’. These people see rationalists, atheists and religious minorities as their enemies and try to indulge in violence as witnessed in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh recently. The current BJP regime provides a tacit support to their activities albeit indirectly.

Born in 1943, I have spent 72 years in this country but have never seen this kind of intolerance on the part of  certain sections of majority community ostensibly affected by the ideology of RSS zealots who, for the first time in India’s democratic history, are dictating to the ruling regime of NDA comprised mainly of BJP. Even the Prime Minister of the country was once an RSS Pracharak.

These days I find it difficult to connect with the India that talks big about its fastest growing economy but turns blind eye to unbearable cost of living for the common man; children,women and elderly begging at every nook and corner of it’s cities; people living in apalling conditions in city slums; rampant loot of public money by politicians and bureaucrats. All this HURTS ME TO THE FARTHEST DEPTH OF MY CONSCIENCE. i yearn to set thing right  but I feel powerless before the forces of evil that are having a field day in my country.

I know we all have this power to change the prevailing scenario but the tendency to look towards governments and ‘others’ prevents us from realizing this potential to change. We vote wrong people because all of us, ourselves, have become politicians eventhough we lose no opportunity to criticize  them. Why do we vote to caste candidates or those who supply us liquor or money or those who threaten us with consequences. We should seek answer to these questions from ourselves . We are so foolish to believe in a politician saying “ab achchhe din aayengen”. Politicians need power and once you satisfy that need they become your oppressors rather than saviours. You continue to live in your fool’s paradise because “achchhe din”  (good days)will never come if we continue to elect wrong men as our represetatives in legislatures and the Parliament.

See what a mess this country has become. Poison in the air, poison in minds and poison for the poor who cant survive by buying daal (lentils) @ Rs. 200 a Kg. What kind of growth our politicians are talking where people have no jobs and the gulf between the rich and the poor is for ever widening. Where a citizen is brutally  murdered because somebody found meat in the house of victim.


- oppareek43


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